Milton Chapman

Milton Chapman

Vintage Keyboard Specialist

Vintage Keyboard Specialist

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In 2004, living in Tampa, I was at the end of the corporate rope, first child on the way and my band lost it's ticket.  It was time to make a move - I started interning at the studio we had mixed the Album.   At "Southern Living at It's Finest" Russ Fowler and James Salter pointed me to the corner where sat a Hammond Chopper and Lesie 122 built by Richard Goodsell.  I had used Hammond patches on the record but had never played the actual instrument.  I quickly fell in love.  February ice storm - I was on a coffee run and stopped for gas - there was a Lexus with license plate B3 King.  Thinking to myself, I gotta see who this is - it was none other than Richard Goodsell.  With a background in repair and needing steady work for my family I asked if he needed help in the shop.  He said "I'm having any minute now, call me in 2 weeks".  I did and got the job and hungrily picked up technical, business and life lessons.  About a year and a half later he handed off the business to me to pursue his new passion - building Goodsell Super Seventeen guitar amplifiers and the rest is history...

This is what I do

I work with the best group of well seasoned associates - honest, hardworking musicians who are also technicians - passionate about what they do.  We don't just want it to sound and play right, we NEED it to be the way we would want it.   As I slowly turn into one of the old guys, I like to reflect on all I have learned and continue to learn from all of those that came before me. I had to have a motto it would be. 

Do it right, make it right

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